Let customers pay you to skip the line.

FastPass™ is a free waitlist software where your best customers can pay a fee to skip the line.

No credit card required.

(Just your bank details to wire your money.)

Join restaurants across the US that are creating a new revenue stream and better serving their most important customers

A free waitlist management app that pays you!

FastPass is simple. Free to use forever. If customers pay, we split 50/50.

Create guests in seconds. See who is next by party size at a glance.


Your guests get an SMS so they can choose to wait or pay to be first.

Customers are yours, so is their data. Easy extraction to enable direct marketing.

You choose the price of FastPass per person. Change it as often as you wish.

Customers can pay directly from a link in the SMS. No extra workload.

Understand your demand profile with built in actionalble analytics.

Automatically map your customer base

Map your customer base automagically. Get automatic analytics and build a contacts database for marketing (like when you release a new menu!)

Wait times and no-show rate


Recurring customers

Contact information

Increase your revenue for free

Restaurants can expect see $1,000 or more in additional revenue. FastPass is free for you and we only make money when you make money.

“We were paying for a waitlist software. Now we not only get it for free, we get payments at the end of each month!”

Jofra A.

New York, NY

“People that pay to skip the line are usually better guests. They are here to really enjoy our restaurant.”

Maria S.

Los Angeles, CA

“Getting paid at the end of the month for doing our job is great. Plus, we got rid of pen and paper for free!”

Mike R.

Portland, OR

Ready to take switch to Fastpass?

Even Disney does it. What are you waiting?

Enable your best customers to pay you to skip the line. Get a waitlist software, analytics and more for free.

No credit card required. Actually, we'll need your bank details to send you money.

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